Meet Juan F. Jimenez

Juan F. Jiménez is a product of public education, born to Mexican immigrants, and a first-generation college student. He attended Viterbo University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in math education, a master’s degree in educational leadership, and a certificate in ethical leadership. He also earned a Doctor of Education from Sam Houston State University (TX) and was awarded the Rising Stars Under 40 in 2018.

Over 20 years in education, he has taught in both a rural public and affluent private school, served as a director of two urban teacher’s unions, and currently serves as the Associate Dean of General Studies at Western Technical College. Juan has also served on many local, state, and national boards. He is also a parent of a child in the School District of La Crosse.

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Meet Juan Jimenez

Candidate Statement

I am running for reelection because I have chosen to dedicate my life to public education. Of all the candidates running, I am the only one who has earned degrees in education, a current parent of a child in the school district, worked as a teacher and administrator, and a proven track record of supporting public education for all students as a current school board member. Our work will continue with your support!

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